The Scuba Diving World in 6 Squares
Once again with the release of version 2.2, the Diving Dude Team brings you an amazing update of the best app for Scuba Divers.

About the 6 Squares:
·1st Square - Dive Deck
We have partnered with Scuba Diver Life, the best scuba diving blog on the Internet to bring you the latest articles directly on your Dive Deck.
+ The latest news and events from your favorite dive shops
+ Your buddies’ dive trips
·2nd Square – Logbook
The logbook has been beautifully redesigned. Logging a new dive and/or trip has never been so fluid. You can now leave reviews on the dive shops you dived with and have it endorse your dives.
·3rd Square – Scuba Look Up
Looking for a dive trip or a dive course? This is the search engine you need.
·4th Square – Shops & Clubs
Dive Shops can now claim/create their dedicated page and publish their full profile, scheduled dive trips and course offerings. Divers can follow their favorite shops (like on Twitter) and receive the latest information from them.
·5th Square – Dive Spots
Explore dive spots near your location or anywhere around the world.
·6th Square – Buddies
To fully experience Diving Dude, there is nothing better than adding your friends as diving buddies via your contacts book, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email.
June 12th, 2013