Diving Dude 2.3: New Logbook and more...

Diving Dude 2.3 is around the corner and this is what to expect.

The version brings in a couple of improvements starting with the Logbook. It now looks more professional than ever and you will particularly appreciate the frosted glass effect on the background photo while you are scrolling down on your diving data.
A slight change has been made to the bottom time as well. Instead of keying it in yourself, it will now be automatically calculated as the difference between the total dive time and the deco stops.

We also designed a new Sign-in / Login area that is simpler and faster.

Another important improvement is the Buddies’ Square. Some users sent us their feedback about glitches and crashes occurring in this area when trying to add buddies from their contacts book or from Twitter. This has now been fixed!

Adding friends from Facebook has also undergone some minor changes due to Facebook’s constant changes in their relationship with third-party apps. From now on, to let your Facebook friends know about Diving Dude, you will have to tag their names directly, instead of sending them a message on their timeline as was done before. Not to worry; we have made it a simple a step as it can be.

That’s it for the updates. The next big item the team is focusing on right now is the iPad app (a.k.a Diving Dude HD). We have already developed most of the app, but since we really want to make the iPad user experience the best possible, we still need to make some improvements in certain areas. The release date should be towards the end of August.

Go diving and share your dives on Diving Dude.
July 28th, 2013