Diving Dude 2.3: New Logbook and more...

Diving Dude 2.3 is around the corner and this is what to expect.

The version brings in a couple of improvements starting with the Logbook. It now looks more professional than ever and you will particularly appreciate the frosted glass effect on the background photo while you are scrolling down on your diving data.
A slight change has been made to the bottom time as well. Instead of keying it in yourself, it will now be automatically calculated as the difference between the total dive time and the deco stops.

We also designed a new Sign-in / Login area that is simpler and faster.

Another important improvement is the Buddi... read more, share, comment >
July 28th, 2013
The Scuba Diving World in 6 Squares
Once again with the release of version 2.2, the Diving Dude Team brings you an amazing update of the best app for Scuba Divers.

About the 6 Squares:
·1st Square - Dive Deck
We have partnered with Scuba Diver Life, the best scuba diving blog on the Internet to bring you the latest articles directly on your Dive Deck.
+ The latest news and events from your favorite dive shops
+ Your buddies’ dive trips
·2nd Square – Logbook
The logbook has been beautifully redesigned. Logging a new dive and/or trip has never been so fluid. You can now leave reviews on the dive shops you dived with and have it endors... read more, share, comment >
June 12th, 2013
Introducing Diving Dude 2

Just over a year ago, Diving Dude 1 came into the world. Not only did it bring in a convenient logbook and a dive spots explorer but it also brought for the first time a full social experience to the scuba diving world - all this in an uncompromising user experience above all else.

Before our eyes we were privileged to watch the growth of the diving dude community, and the numerous positive feedbacks we received about the app. We also paid a lot of attention to all the remarks our users made on how we could improve the app, and that was the foundation of our work since then.

Today the time has come to introduce Diving Dude 2 to the scuba diving world.<... read more, share, comment >
April 1st, 2013