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"Taking a Deep Look at Tools for Scuba Divers" - Diving Dude featured in The New York Times
..."For seasoned divers, apps can help you log dives; you can enter data on your smartphone while every detail about the dive is fresh in your memory. The $12 iOS app Dive Log offers one of the most comprehensive diving logs. A quick tap on the “+” button takes users to a prompt to either enter a new dive in an empty template, or use the last dive’s log as a template. The interface for entering dive data is intuitive — twirling dials to set dive depth, for example, or choosing from a prepopulated list of dive types (like “fun” or “wreck”). It can even sync with dive logs on your computer, show you your overall diving statistics and keep track of your diving buddies’ details. The one criticism is that the app is so complex that it’s easy to get a little lost in its menus.
Diving Dude (free on iOS) offers a similar experience, and even has a few social networking features. You can, for example, see your buddies’ recent dive experiences in detail.
It’s more cheerfully designed than Dive Log, relying more on icons to simplify logging dive details like water visibility or weather. But the app feels slow to respond in some places, and you have to scroll down to the “save” button to save data, a step that is easy to forget
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January 10th, 2013
Diving Dude rated 10/10 by Diver Magazine (UK)
More than a dive log, more than a contact book, Diving Dude is a one-stop diving community or, at least, is trying to be.
The latest incarnation requires a software update, the iOS 5. This can be time-consuming, but that's not the app's fault. Once updated you get a slickly designed, easy-to-use interface that allows you to interact with diver friends around the world.
Log and add your dives, add dive buddies and, as with Facebook and Google+, view a stream of news from your dive-world friends. It even links to Facebook and Twitter.
It looks great, works well and, like other social networks, helps you to stay in touch. What it needs now is users. The Add Buds area has a facility that allows the phone to look though your contacts. How it knows they like diving is beyond me, but it seems to work.
What it can't know is whether they have a phone that allows them to interact with the Diving Dude system - or perhaps it does. The technology seems sophisticated.
I like Diving Dude. It's well-thought out, beautifully designed, welcoming and easy to use. I hope it does well, because it could be an invaluable dive resource if it reaches a critical mass.
January 2012 issue
Diving Dude reviewed by ScubaDiverLife

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December 2011